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Membership & Benefits

All members in good standing are entitled to:

  • participate and vote at meetings of the Corporation
  • hold office in the Corporation;
  • receive copies of the corporations publications;
  • be recognized as a member when registering at an activity of the Corporation; and
  • receive any other membership service approved by the Board of Directors.

CWRA activities and services include:

  • organizing and participating in conferences, symposiums and workshops covering water related issues;
  • quarterly publication of the Canadian Water Resources Journal;
  • provision of "Water News" newsletter;
  • publication of proceedings, papers, reports and books;
  • carrying out special studies and policy reviews.

CWRA maintains active associations and linkages with several other water organizations including:

  • Canadian Water and Wastewater Association;
  • International Water Resources Association;
  • American Water Resources Association;
  • British Hydrological Society;
  • American Institute of Hydrology.

Canadian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage

The Canadian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (CANCID) is a permanent committee of CWRA. In addition to carrying out a variety of land/water related activities within Canada, CANCID represents Canada at the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) which is headquartered in Delhi, India. CWRA/CANCID members receive the ICID Bulletin, a professional publication containing academic/professional papers reflecting international scientific and technological expertise in the development and management of irrigation, drainage and flood control projects.


Canadian Society for Hydrological Sciences

The Canadian Society for Hydrological Sciences (CSHS) was established as a constituent society of CWRA in June 1992. It provides a society for the hydrological sciences that encompasses physical, chemical and biological processes in land/atmosphere interactions and in surface water and groundwater. Workshops and seminars are held focussing on the latest technological advances and applications.

Student and Young Professionals

The CWRA Student and Young Professionals Chapters are made up of a diverse and active bunch and have chapters located across the country. The chapters are made up of students from a wide range of academic disciplines, from Engineering and Hydrology to Geography and Political Science, and welcome any and all students interested in water issues.


Canadian Water Resources Journal

First published in the fall of 1976, the Canadian Water Resources Journal has grown in stature and quality. It is recognized as an important publication in the water resources field. Manuscripts are classified as research, application or invited papers on special interests topics. Prior to being accepted for publication, all papers are reviewed by at least two qualified referees.


Water News

CWRA's newsletter, Water News contains items of general interest and reports on national and branch activities, as well as international water resources news of interest to Canadians. Each issue features a Water News Profile on a water management project, program or organization.

Technical presentations are developed under the initiative and guidance of the Technical Bureau Committee of CWRA and are published in conjunction with the newsletter as the Technical Bureau Supplement. These articles provide a focal point for discussion and debate of water resource issues in Canada and internationally.


Special Publications

Proceedings from the CWRA Annual Conference, as well as proceedings and documents arising from branch-sponsored events or specific topics are published. These publications are made available to the public through CWRA's Membership Services Office.


Web Site

CWRA’s website posts news, reports and information about CWRA as well as links to many water- related sites around the world can be found.



The Canadian Water Resources Association annually offers five scholarships awarded to graduate students whose programs of study focus on applied, natural, or social science aspects of water resources. The $5,000 Dillon Consulting Scholarship is awarded to the highest ranked applicant. The $2,000 Ken Thomson Scholarship is awarded to the second highest ranked applicant. In addition, three $1,500 scholarships are awarded. All applicants receive a one-year membership in the Canadian Water Resources Association.

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