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Mission and Objectives


Promoting effective water management.

The Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) is a national not-for-profit comprised of members from the public, private and academic sectors who are committed to promoting responsible, innovative and effective water resources management. Our members come from across Canada and include provincial and municipal water managers, policy administrators, scientists and academics, hydrology/hydraulic professionals, and students.


  • To stimulate awareness and understanding of Canada’s water resources
  • To encourage recognition of the high priority and value of water
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information and opinion relating to the management of Canada’s water
  • To participate with appropriate agencies in international water management activities.

Executive Summary of the National Communications Plan

The CWRA Communication Plan 2014 (the ‘Plan’) is available through linking to the members’ only section of the CWRA website. The Plan is a document created to mentor new members who take on volunteer roles and initiatives with the CWRA, to aid them in the communication links, protocols, and to have a general understanding of the various parts and activities of the CWRA and its communication strategies.  The Plan outlines CWRA communication activities, our communication geography and how to make contact internally. We introduce our CWRA communication tools including our website, webinars, membership lists, logo, and how to manage such tools.

Part 1 covers the CWRA Communication Strategy by introducing the CWRA mission, vision and governing objectives. Our main objective is to be the national voice on effective water management in Canada.  Our success in achieving this goal is measured by our ability to reach the right audiences with the right messages, ultimately affecting attitude, opinion or behaviour toward water issues.

We highlight CWRA's mission to promote effective water management, CWRA's vision to manage water resources with a commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability, and CWRA's governing objectives (as listed above).

This strategy is aligned with the policy document Sustainability Principles for Water Management in Canada: A Policy of the CWRA which outlines our sustainability ethic and water management principles

Part 2 is viewed as the CWRA Communication guidelines outlining the internal functioning of the organization relative to communication, roles of executives and volunteers, protocols to respond to media inquiries, and it outlines unique CWRA communication activities such as Project WET.

Appendices complete the Plan and contain expanded technical specifics for submitting materials to the CWRA Website, consent forms, examples and templates for announcements, the CWRA media package, and samples creating a CWRA newsletter, welcome letter.

Elected CWRA Directors can view the full plan in the Member Area.

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