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CWRA Awards

CWRA Water Management Award of Excellence

The Hoskin Scientific Award

Bill Stolte Student Paper Award


CWRA National Distinguished Achievement Award




Award of Excellence

The CWRA Water Management Award has been created to recognize  CWRA members and their organizations for outstanding projects  that make a significant contribution to the protection  and wise management of Canada's water resources.
This award will  showcase projects that have demonstrated a commitment to the protection and wise management of Canada's water resources,  that educate and stimulate awareness  and understanding of Canada's water resources,  and  raise awareness of CWRA to members and non-members.
The award is open to all organizations in the conference host province  that have demonstrated a  commitment and innovation in the protection and wise management of Canada's water but also must have at least one CWRA member on  project team. This member must be able to  attend the conference to  accompany the submission. Project must have been completed within  the past two years of the award application deadline.
Award winners will be given recognition during the awards presentation  at the National Conference in Lethbridge in June 2017. More information will be found in the upcoming Fall 2017 Issue of Water News, A Bellwether of Climate Impacts to Come.


The Hoskin Scientific Award

Each year the CWRA holds it's national conference. Professionals and students from across Canada gather to present and share information related to water resources. At each conference the Hoskin Scientific Award for $500 is presented for the Best Student Poster.

Bill Stolte Student Paper Award

Prof. Bill Stolte, a long-standing Saskatchewan Branch Director and National Director of the CWRA, passed away on June 18, 2001. Bill Stolte was born on August 19, 1943 and raised in the Lacombe area of Alberta. He later moved to Edmonton to attend the University of Alberta, where he completed Bachelor and Master Degrees in Civil Engineering. He went on to complete a PhD at the University of Washington focusing on stochastic hydrology. In 1970, he moved to take up a position in the faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.

Prof. Stolte enjoyed working with students and served as a personal as well as a professional guide and mentor to many. He was consistently promoting student involvement in the CWRA, particularly at the annual conference.

The Bill Stolte Student Paper award is presented each year at the CWRA National Conference to the student whos paper contains the following qualities:

  • originality;
  • contribution to water resources knowledge;
  • technical and analytical quality; and
  • clarity of their presentation.


The CWRA Student and Young Professional (SYP) Award recognizes exemplary contributions to CWRA by a student or young professional. This award is intended to honour the individuals who:

  • contribute to the accomplishments of SYP groups/chapters;
  • contribute to CWRA in general; and
  • recognize the value of SYP contributions to the vitality of CWRA.

The recipient of the SYP Award will receive a plaque presented at the CWRA Annual Conference. The selection will be made by the awards committee. (Note: if approved by the National BOD, the award will also include a complimentary one-year regular CWRA membership). Nominations by Branch presidents annually before end of April. Evaluation and selection by Awards committee.

The CWRA National Distinguished Achievement Award

This award is presented to a CWRA member or past member who has provided distinguished service to or in the Canadian water resource community. Criteria included, but was not limited to, recognition of the individual from more than one area, long and distinguished service to CWRA, participation on the national stage, specific initiatives, particular scientific achievements, outstanding success in a water resource field

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